What is Aurix?

Skin ulcers and wounds that don’t heal can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life and present a treatment challenge for healthcare providers. Aurix is a biodynamic hematogel that harnesses a patient’s innate healing mechanisms in order to jumpstart the natural healing process from deep within the wound bed.

Why Aurix?


Broaden Your Reach

  • Aurix can be used to treat wounds of any size, and any shape, including tunneling and undermining.
  • Aurix has a 96.5% positive response rate in all types of chronic wounds. (deLeon 2011)
  • Aurix begins acting immediately, and results are often seen after the first treatment.
  • Aurix Centrifuge spin time is only 1 minute, and the gel is ready to apply in 5-8 minutes*. (*after blood draw)
  • Aurix treatments fit well with natural clinic flows and timeline for typical patient clinical visits.
  • Aurix can be used on patients actively taking blood thinning medication without delay in prep time.
  • Aurix treatments provide autologous “Activated Platelets” and growth factors which are applied directly onto the wound bed.
  • Aurix is made in the USA, and is part of Nuo Therapeutics, Inc., a US-based company with headquarters in Texas.

Benefit Your Patients

  • Produces visible results in days, not weeks.
  • Aurix is effective at all stages of wound care for non-healing wounds. This gives providers more treatment flexibility across a broader range of patients.
  • Enhanced natural healing power leads to fewer applications and less time-to-heal.

Safe, Rapid and Effective Point-of Care

Average Preparation Time: 5–8 minutes


Take a small amount of the patient’s blood.



Use the Aurix System centrifuge to separate the platelets
(1 minute).



Mix with additives supplied by the Aurix Reagent Kit to produce a golden biodynamic gel.



Apply over the entire wound, starting with tunnels and undermining, and cover with a clear dressing.

FDA Clearance: All Exuding Wounds Comprehensive Reimbursement: Diabetic Patients with Chronic Wounds